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How To Start Using YaMasuta?

  • Use the registeration page to register as a member of YaMasuta. Only YaMasuta Members can access all of YaMasuta functionality.
  • Your selection of the home country on the regiertation page is highly important as this will be the default country for country Market Movers and Signal selector. Your default WatchList will also be based on your choice of your Home Country. Your Home Country can be changed later from the Account page
  • Once registered, YaMasuta creates for you a default WatchList based on your chosen default country that consists of 10 tickers - The default country can be changed later from the Account page If you are already logged in, go to My Watchlist to edit it as you wish.
  • You can delete tickers directly from the watchlist table by clicking the button
  • You can add tickers to your watchlist by accessing the Search Ticker utility
  • On the Search Ticker page as seen below, type in your search string by typing either the company ticker symbol or the company name or part of the company name of ticker symbol and click the search button. For more precise search , the user can use a ticker symbol with the added ":" and country code such as "IBM:US" or "BMW:DE". YaMasuta then display the search results in a dynamic table where you can click the button to add the ticker you choose to your watchlist.
  • In your watchlist table or any YamAsuta table, You can click the button to show more details analytics and charts of the selected ticker as seen below.
  • YaMasuta search panel:YaMasuta Search Panel
  • Example of YamAsuta Signal search:YaMasuta Search Results