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  • Once registered, YaMasuta creates for you a default virtual portfolio with an initial virtual balance of one Million Dollars. If you are already logged in, go to My Portfolio to manage it as you wish.
  • How to read your portfolio table: Each row contains one position with its ticker Symbol. Buy/Sell buttons: Use these buttons to buy/sell your positions or increase/decrease shares in your current positions. YaMasuta Position: (Long, Short, Sideline) and the signal date, Your Position: Position type (Long/Short). Shares: Total number fo shares of this position. Av. Cost: Your average cost. Last Time Delayed Traded Price (LT Price): The last price the ticker closed at. PP %: The percent of this position in your portfolio. Profit%: Your current position profit %.
  • To display details analytic of a specific ticker, click the button as shown below. The buy or sell operation will take you to My Portfolio page where you will see your virtual position(s) and portfolio information.
  • To buy long or sell short virtual shares of the desired ticker, click the button or the and change the default 1000 shares at the top of the watchlist table to the desired number of shares as shown below.
  • To access the company news, analysis, and analysts' opinions for available tickers, click the images respectively.
  • The portfolio dashboard shown below provide you with information about your portfolio and your current position and the respective Bull/Bear power level of each ticker in your portfolio.