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Search and Add Tickers?

  • On the Search/Add Ticker page, type in your search string in the search box by typing either the company ticker symbol or the company name or part of the company name or ticker symbol and click the "Search YaMasuta" button. YaMasuta will display the search results in a dynamic table where you can click the button to add the ticker you choose to your watchlist. You can search for new signals only by clicking the "Search For Latest Signals" button, see below.
  • If the search results are many, YaMasuta will display a maximum of 100 found tickers. The user needs to narrow the search if the ticker is not found.
  • How to read the dynamic search result table: Each row contains one ticker with its Symbol, ticker name, Position: YaMasuta current position (Buy/Sell) and (Long/Short/Sideline). Performance: YaMAsuta current position profit %.
  • To display details analytic of a specific ticker, click the button as shown below.
  • YaMasuta search panel:YaMasuta Search Panel
  • Example of YamAsuta Signal search:YaMasuta Search Results