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Country Sectorwatch?

  • YaMasuta Country SectorWatch is a view of the performance of the 10 standard sectors of the economy of the selected country.
  • How to read YaMasuta sector watch table? Each row contains a sector name. Top YaMasuta Long and Short Position Tickers (Top LT and Top ST) based on YaMasuta Profit. Bull Power: The Current average Bull Power of the entire sector. Bear Power: The Current average Bear Power of the entire sector. Long Position Count (LC): Total number of YaMasuta long positions in this sector.Short Position Count (SC): Total number of YaMasuta short positions in this sector. Profit: YaMAsuta total average % profit of all tickers in this sector. Av. Profit: Average % profit per ticker within this sector.
  • The SectorWatch dashboard shown below provides you with information about all sectors with respect to YaMasuta current performance (% Profit)and the respective Bull/Bear power level of each sector in addition to sector position ratio (Pie Chart). The position ratio provide information of the ratio of long vs. short YaMasuta positions for all tickers supported by YaMasuta.
  • You can view analytics details of a top ticker for an individual sector by clicking on the ticker symbol.
  • You can select an individual sector of the selected country to see YaMasuta Top Ten Tickers based on YaMasuta Profit Percent by clicking on the sector name to see the following views.
  • You can add tickers to your watchlist by clicking the button
  • To see detail analysis of any ticker, you can click the button
  • To access the company news, analysis, and analysts' opinions for available tickers, click the images respectively.