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Market Movers?

  • YaMasuta Market Movers is designed for the trader who wants to find the YaMasuta Signals for the what is considered Market Movers (Volume, Percent Change, Volume Price).
  • YaMasuta Market Movers displayed based on the country of selection given in the upper menu as can be seen below. YaMasuta Market Movers default to the home country of the user if the market is covered by YaMasuta, otherwise the default is USA.
  • YaMasuta Market Movers Defaults to your Home Country Market. If you are interested in another country, you simply click on the country flag icon to display that country Market Movers.
  • YaMasuta Market Movers are YaMasuta selected top ten Tickers based on different criteria as can be seen from the tabs in the dashboard image below.
  • YaMasuta Market Movers are organized in different tabs starting with YaMasuta top movers based on YaMAsuta Signals Percent Gain followed by the top volume movers, Top market advancers, top market losers, and top volume price (Volume X Price) movers.
  • How to read the dynamic Market Movers table? Each row contains one ticker with its Symbol (SY). Volume Traded in thousands of shares ( V (T=1000)).Percent Change (P Change%). Signal Date (S Date). Signal Price (S Price). Last Close Price (C Price).YaMasuta Current Position (Long/Short). YaMAsuta current position profit % (Profit%).
  • You can add tickers to your watchlist by clicking the button
  • To see detail analysis of any ticker, you can click the button
  • To access the company news, analysis, and analysts' opinions for available tickers, click the images respectively.