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Model Portfolio Manager?

  • YaMasuta Model Portfolio Manager is designed for traders who want to find the YaMasuta Signals for Selected Model Echange Traded Funds (ETF ) based Portfolios.
  • YaMasuta Model Portfolio Manager provides a list of different ETF-based model portfolios shown below. Each Portfolio has an associate risk ranking and Asset Allocation classes including divident classification. If there is a number associate with a ModelPortfolio the this number indicate the investment time hoirszon in Years.
  • How to read the dynamic Model Portfolio Manager table? Each row contains one ETF-Based Model Portfolio with its Name, Risk Level, Divident classification, Current Bull Power, YaMAsuta Signal Accuracy, and YaMAsuta current Average position profit % (Av Profit%).
  • If you select a Model Portfolio then YaMasuta will show the details of the selected Model Portfolio as shown below.
  • The Selected Model Portfolio table shown below provides the following information about each ETF ticker that is part of constituents: The Ticker symbol (SY), Asset Type, Percent Allocation of the Model Portfolio (PA%), YaMasuta Current Position (Long/Short), YaMasuta Signal Date (S Date), YaMasuta Signal Price (S Price), Last Closing Price (C Price), and Average position profit (Av Profit%).
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