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YaMasuta Radar?

  • YaMasuta Radar is designed for the trader who wants to detect YaMasuta signals based on specific settings. YaMasuta Radar will then detect those signals every day based on the user settings.
  • YaMasuta Radar Defaults to your Home Country Market and specific price range, specific trading volume range, type of signals (All, LONG, SHORT), and Index Ticker switch to target only tickers that are constituents of the country indices.
  • If you are interested in another country, you need to change your default trading country from "My Account" page. However you can choose "All Countries" by setting the "Country Filter" slider
  • If you are interested in specific price range or volume ranges then those are adjust from "Trading Price" and the "Trading Volume" sliders
  • If you are interested in LONG or SHORT signals only then use the "Signal Filter" slider to select the desired signal type.
  • If you are interested in latest signals only then use the "Latest Signal Filter" slider.
  • To display your radar results on a daily basis, you need to activate your radar using the "Activate Radar" button. Once the radar is activated you can deactivate it by using the "Deactivate Radar" button.
  • Every time the "Activate Radar" button or the "Deactivate Radar" button is clicked the radar settings are saved in your account settings and YaMasuta Radar will display the radar detected signals on a daily basis based on your radar settings until you change them again.
  • YaMasuta Radar displays the detected signals based on all of your filter settings in a dynamic chart and a table as seen below the Radar panel as seen in the table below.
  • You can hover on any marker to see YaMasuta Position and you can click on the marker to display the detailed analytic charts on that ticker as seen in the chart below.
  • How to read the dynamic YaMasuta Radar table? Each row contains one ticker with its Symbol (SY). Volume Traded in thousands of shares ( V (T=1000)).Percent Change (P Change%). Signal Date (S Date). Signal Price (S Price). Last Close Price (C Price).YaMasuta Current Position (Long/Short). YaMAsuta current position profit % (Profit%).
  • You can add tickers to your watchlist by clicking the button
  • To see detail analysis of any ticker, you can click the button
  • To access the company news, analysis, and analysts' opinions for available tickers, click the images respectively.
  • If YaMasuta Radar detected more than 200 signals based on all of your filter settings then YaMasuta will display on the top 200. In this case you can fine tune your Singal Detection Radar.