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About YaMasuta

  • YaMasuta is a cutting edge software platform for trading signals detection.
  • YaMasuta is a great platform for all levels of traders.
  • YaMasuta is an excelent platform for training and stragey testing and confirmation.
  • YaMasuta is a robot that automatically analyzes and detect trading signals for 50 major global stock markets.
  • YaMasuta cover 50 major stock Exchanges in 30 countries worlwide.
  • YaMasuta provides daily trading signals for covered tickers and FOREX

Major Features

  • Trading Signals Coverage of 30 Countries, List
  • Trading Signals of the largest 50 Exchanges
  • Trading Signals of more than 70,000 Companies Worldwide
  • Trading Signals of more than 80 Currency Pairs Worldwide
  • Trading Signals of more than 1600 ETF Worldwide
  • Trading Signals of 14 Model Investment Portfolios
  • Technical Analyses coverage of the top 35 Technical Indicators
  • Trading Signals for Model portfolio funds
  • Daily Automatic Trading Signals
  • Adavnced Charts with Trading Signals
  • Dynamic Custom Watchlist
  • Virtual Portoflio
  • YaMasuta Market Movers
  • YaMasuta Singal Locator
  • YaMasuta Analytics
  • Ticker Search

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Few reasons why you'll love YaMasuta


Ease of Use

YaMasuta platform was designed for simplicity and ease of use. YaMasuta provides you with Dynamic Watchlist to watch the tickers and their trading signals that are of interest to you while being update by Yamasuta daily to reflect new signals. YaMasuta provides traders with End of Day Buy (long) and Sell (short) signals.


Market Coverage

YaMasuta is a robot that analyze thousands of majors stock market tickers every day and provide long and short trading signals. YaMasuta covers stock tickers as well as major Forex currency pairs and the major Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Please See Entire Country and Market coverage here


Daily Trading signals Update

YaMasuta updates its automatically generated technical trading signals daily and after market hours. Traders can review YaMasuta trading signals and make their own decisions. YaMasuta detects long and short signals using its cutting edge algorithms of computing Bull and Bear powers.


YaMasuta Platform

YaMasuta provides a cutting edge platform for traders of all levels with the most advanced signal detection robots and algorithms. YaMasuta can help traders of all levels of trading experience. All traders can use YaMasuta as a training platform while experience users can use YaMasuta as confirmation of their trading strategy.


YaMasuta Advantage

YaMasuta is a state of the art software robot that detects trading singals on major stock markets and Forex currency pairs. YaMasuta can do what is humanly impossible which is to analyze tens of thousands of stock tickers and Forex in a matter after markets close. YaMasuta is purely a technical robot and therefore there is no factor of human emotion when detecting trading signals.


The YaMasuta Technical Analyst

Traders of all levels can greatly benefit from YaMasuta Technical Analyst with covergae of the top 20 most used technical indicators. Moreover, traders have access to the unique super indicator of Bulls and Bears powers that YaMasuta invented which combines over 120 different equations.